The Golden Rule

month 03

The third monthly project was all about the Golden Rule. If you look at the photos I submitted, it seems they have nothing in common. One photo is a landscape photo, one an architecture photo, and the third did not fit in at all, a product photo. However, if you knew about the Golden Rule, (I show always on the second photo) you would see that it is precisely what they have in common. The Golden Rule. Did you ever hear of that before? I did. In school many years ago. And it surprised me and made me a little bit proud that I always used the Golden Rule without knowing it. 


But on the other hand, it was the hardest project for me since I've been studying. Especially the product photography. I thought that product photography would be something I'd be very good at because I did this before - not professionally and just with my cell phone, but I think I made some really good photos of different products, food, and things. With my camera it was totally different. There was always something I didn't like in these photos. Once it was the background, then the mood, then the composition, then the light. Even the photo I sent in for the monthly project was not completely satisfactory to me. It was not perfect nor really creative or did it express what I would have liked to express. But we will see how it works out. Maybe my lecturer will see something else in it. I've got my fingers crossed.


The landscape photo was more a coincidence than anything else. I had in mind to photograph one of these awesome cotton fields you can find at this time of the year. I drove there made some photos and all of them were just boring and nothing special. I realised it was the wrong time of the day (and so the wrong light) but I always could do this in the late morning when the kids were in school. So one day near to the end of the month I decided to drop the idea with the cotton fields and to photograph a beautiful lake near our house. This time I wanted to do it at the exact right time of the day and drove to that lake near sunset. Unfortunately, I recognized, I was too late. The sun was already behind the trees. But on the way back I stopped at one of these oil drilling machines and took some photos. And I was really lucky because I captured it in the absolute right moment. I love this landscape photo. It's so typical for the landscape around me that it shows a part of my actual life. 


I photographed my architecture photo at an abandoned mental hospital outside of town. It is kind of creepy and scary there. Everything is destroyed from time and weather, and there are only very dilapidated buildings. It's also probably dangerous and therefore forbidden to go inside. The people around town even say it's haunted. And I bet you could write a lot of horror stories for Halloween that take place in it. But a friend and I went in anyway and took some great photos. The atmosphere gives you goosebumps, and you need to try hard keep from imagining what happened in this facility at the time of the 1860s until 1970 when it closed it's doors. But the photos turned out great and I really like them.


The ones I submitted are the first three you will see below the text. Please click on it... :-)

other landscape and architecture

product photography

addendum • october 18, 2019

I received 80 points for this monthly project. It's less than the other two month before but I wasn't complete satisfied with the photos of this project, too. Next month is all about black and white photography. I think I like this more - hopefully :-)

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