Photography · January 06, 2020
I'm late again with the newest blog post, but it was that busy time of year in December when everybody is getting ready for Christmas. I had a lot to do with the Advent calendars for the kids, and I went to school and daycare for Christmas several times for parties, shows, and sing-alongs. The topic for the last monthly project was Macro Photography. I didn't want to spend the money for a macro lens so I decided to go with Macro Extension Tubes. An extension tube is an attachment for your...

Photography · November 01, 2019
The month is over, and I couldn't manage to submit my monthly project. First, both kids were sick. Then I was too, which left me with absolutely no time to go and take my photos. The topic for this month was all about black and white photography, which I especially love due to its serious and artistic feel. For me, black and white photos exude a sense of elegance that color photos do not. It’s not that I don’t like colorful photos. Some photos need color to be at their best, but some photos...

Crafts & Arts · October 18, 2019
This is my first DIY Arts & Crafts Blog Post. Yeah - finally. I've done a lot of arts and crafts before, especially with the kids, but never documented it. This is the first project where I finally managed to take some photos. For my daughter’s birthday, I wanted to do something on my own - just for her. She's in first grade now and has started reading on a serious level, so I decided to create a reading nook in her room. I wanted to make a cozy space where she would be encouraged to...

Photography · October 09, 2019
The third monthly project was all about the Golden Rule. If you look at the photos I submitted, it seems they have nothing in common. One photo is a landscape photo, one an architecture photo, and the third did not fit in at all, a product photo. However, if you knew about the Golden Rule, (I show always on the second photo) you would see that it is precisely what they have in common. The Golden Rule. Did you ever hear of that before? I did. In school many years ago. And it surprised me and...

Design · September 28, 2019
Here are some of my print designs. If you would like to see more please feel free to contact me :-)

Design · September 28, 2019
Here are some of my print designs. If you would like to see more please feel free to contact me :-)

Photography · September 26, 2019
Last month my son had his first birthday. As a tradition in the US you do a cake smash. So we had to do one, too. Basically a cake smash is a small (not in our case) cake for the little ones on their very first birthday. They get a cake just to do with it whatever they want. Mostly it is smashing, eating, and smooshing the cake around which gives you the opportunity to take some hilarous photos. And I can confirm this. We took awesome photos. It was a lot of fun and I have to thank my friend...

Photography · September 26, 2019
Yes I'm a little bit late with my post this month but I had so many topics going on and it's so hard to find time for the things that are not necessary but that you love. But it's still September and it counts ;-) Last month the topic of my studies were designing, creating, and painting with light. It was all about light setups, different light types, natural light, electrical light, exposure measurement, reflectors, light formers, and different lenses. It was the month with the most aha...

Design · September 08, 2019
Here are some of my screen designs. If you would like to see more please feel free to contact me :-)

Design · September 02, 2019

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